Plastic film includes wraps, bags, and flexible packaging.   It is not ideal for curbside recycling collection because it can jam sorting equipment resulting in mechanical issues.  Therefore, plastic film materials are NEVER accepted in curbside recycling or at Burbank Recycle Center.  Learn more with this enlightening video of what bags do in recycling operations. 

RECYCLING DROP-OFF OPTIONS: There are currently only a few local recycling drop-off opportunities at participating retailers, through the NexTrex collection program.  TO PREPARE: Empty bags, clean out any residue, and remove closures; only items that are clean and dry will be accepted.  Not all types of plastic film are accepted at all locations. Confirm acceptability prior to drop-off.   (Scroll down to see what types of material might qualify.) Otherwise, reuse your plastic bags or put them in the trash.  

REDUCE! Better than recycling, remember to bring your own reusable bags when shopping in order to ”reduce, reuse, then recycle”!

WHY ARE BAGS A PROBLEM IN THE DISPOSAL SYSTEM?  Because of their lightweight nature, plastic film material blows away and becomes litter that needs to be cleaned up. Worse, they tangle in the recycling sorting equipment, which adds costs to our operations.