Recycling Drop Off at Participating Retailers. Find your closest drop-off location. For more information and a list of what is accepted, go to or scroll below. Otherwise, reuse your plastic bags or put them in the trash.

Plastic bags and plastic film materials are NEVER accepted in curbside recycling or at Burbank Recycle Center.

Why? Because of their aerodynamic nature, plastic film material blows away and becomes litter that needs to be cleaned up. Worse, they tangle in the recycling sorting equipment, which adds costs to our operations.

REDUCE! Better than recycling, remember to bring your own reusable bags when shopping in order to ”reduce, reuse, then recycle”!


Avoiding plastic bags is always the first step but if you do get a grocery style bag and can’t find a way to reuse it yourself, the Burbank library bookstore takes bag donations to use for their book sale’s customers.


  • Plastic or paper with a handle
  • Grocery size to book bag size
  • Clean inside and out with no holes

Small amounts (like a bag of bags), can be directly dropped off to Central or to Buena vista bookstores.  For donation of larger quantites, contact [email protected].

Other donations accepted CD’s, DVDs, VHS, and magazines accepted at the Central library–1 or 2 bags can be dropped off at the front dest. More than 2 bags contact [email protected].