Your Blue Container (or blue lid) is for recycling. Make sure you follow the City of Burbank’s curbside collection cart instructions.

All curbside recycling can also be taken to the Burbank Recycle Center  for drop off .

Accepted: Aluminum cans, aluminum foil, steel food cans, glass bottles, glass jars, paper (as long as it isn’t plastic laminated, food-soiled or waxed), cardboard (broken down; packing removed) plastic #1 (including CLEAR plastic takeout containers, and plastic cups), plastic #2 and plastic #5 (no black plastic).

All food and beverage containers must be emptied and rinsed to be recycled! Please leave plastic caps on bottles and jars for recycling.

Not Accepted (see the Trash Container section): Foam items and packing material, Plastic bags & film, plastic #3, plastic #4, foam plastic #6 (including foam cups and takeout containers), rigid plastic #6 (including plastic party cups), plastic #7, no black plastics,  wrappers, clothing & textiles, paper cups, diapers, meal kit packaging, paint cans and anything under 4″ in diameter, such as straws and loose plastic caps.




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