Used Motor Oil and Filters

Alternative ways to recycle
Illegal in Garbage & Drains
Burbank Recycle Center Drop-Off Hazardous Waste Drop-Off
It is illegal to put motor oil, antifreeze, and oil filters in the trash or in the environment. These items need to be responsbily dropped off at a designated collection center.

State-certified collection centers in Burbank accepting used oil. 

1) To find a drop off collection site near you:

2) Call 1-800-CLEANLA for a list of other waste oil centers by zip code.

3) Used motor oil can also be taken to the Burbank Recycle Center‘s Drop Zone, Los Angeles S.A.F.E. Collection Centers, and other hazardous waste facilities.

Cash for Waste Oil
State law entitles you to receive 10 cents per quart for waste oil. For reimbursement, speak to an attendant before emptying waste oil containers. 

For more information, check out the Burbank Recycle Center’s Waste Oil page.

Disposal Instructions for Burbank Recycle Center Collection Service 

Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm, and closed Saturdays & Sundays.

  • Drain used motor oil from your vehicle into an oil drain pan no more than five gallons (20 quarts) or in a bucket or event the original motor oil bottle.
  • Waste oil must be pure and uncontaminated. Please do not mix waste oil with anything (antifreeze, paint, gasoline, solvents, etc.).
  • Bring the oil to the Drop Zone at Burbank Recycle Center. There is a limit of 20 gallons per day. 
  • Pour the used oil in a specially designated basin where it will drain into an 700-gallon above-ground storage tank.

NOTE: The free oil bucket program is no longer available at the Burbank Recycle Center, however we do have drain and lids that fit in most 5 gallon buckets.  (Always test first to make sure they fit your bucket). 

storm drain

Don't Dump in Trash or Down Drain

Used motor oil is a major contaminant of waterways, so never dump down the drain or in the trash. Filters also leak toxic materials into waterways, which are slow to break down in the environment.


Never Mix with Other Chemicals

Service stations will not accept motor oil that has been contaminated with other products like antifreeze. Don’t mix your motor oil with anything else.

Alternative Ways to Recycle

Take to Service Stations

The best way to recycle used motor oil and filters is to take them to a service station or auto shop. Find one that’s certified.

Did You Know?

What Happens to Recycled Motor Oil

Used motor oil can be cleaned and recycled, which helps keep it out of waterways. Recycled oil is then used to make heating oil, asphalt and other petroleum-based products. It is usually not recycled and resold as motor oil.