Painted Wood

Trash Container Special Instructions

Painted wood is not considered treated wood on its own unless the wood was treated prior to painting or staining, such as decking or fencing.

Paint makes wood non-recyclable.  Cut up small amounts of painted wood and place in the trash container.  (Do not overfill–ensure the lid can close.)  For larger projects, consider renting a temporary construction bin or self haul to designated Los Angeles area disposal facilies.

Wood is considered a construction item, therefore it is not part of the City of Burbank’s bulky pick up program.


Is It Treated Wood?

If your painted wood has been treated to prevent damage from rot and insects, it is hazardous waste. Dispose of it as treated wood. Heat-treated or kiln-dried wood, usually marked with an “HT,” is not hazardous.

Check for Lead Paint

If the wood you’re dealing with comes from a project that pre-dates 1978 it may contain lead paint, which is hazardous. If any fine particles of lead-based paint are inhaled, they can cause a wide range of health problems. Use this PDF guide from the EPA to learn more about reducing hazards when working with lead.


Small Amounts of Wood OK in Garbage

Small amounts of painted wood can go in your garbage.


Never Burn Painted Wood

Wood that has been painted, stained or varnished releases toxic chemicals when it’s burned. Never burn wood coated in any of these materials.

Ways to Reduce

Choose Nontoxic Finishes for Your Wood Projects

Avoid exposing yourself and your family to VOCs and other toxins by choosing natural, non-toxic finishes for wood projects. Learn more at My Chemical-Free House.

Ways to Reuse

Repurpose for New Project

Certain types of wood products can be reused in a variety of different ways. Find out how to repurpose your wood product.

Did You Know?

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