Alternative ways to recycle
Trash Container Special Instructions

Small amounts of carpet or rugs can be cut to fit in your trash container.  For larger sections, you may rent a City of Burbank temporary bin or from a private hauler for recycling. 

DONATE Where Possible:  Rugs that are still in usable condition that thrift stores won’t accept can be given away through many sharing or marketplace online sites, such as Buy Nothing Burbank, a local Facebook group.

RECYCLING DROP OFF OPTIONS:  Carpet is recyclable through drop-off at designated collection sites.  See below for information on the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) and to find a nearby collection site.  (Rugs are not currently part of the CARE program).

Alternative Ways to Recycle

Give to a CARE-Affiliated Company

The Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) is a joint industry-government project to increase carpet recycling. They have a number of carpet reclamation partners in California that accept unwanted carpet and will recycle it for you.

Ask the Carpet Installer

Some carpet retailers have recycling programs already in place. Ask the carpet installer if they participate in recycling programs for old carpet.

Ways to Reduce

Purchase an Eco-Friendly Carpet

Consider purchasing an eco-friendly carpet to reduce your environmental impact. The most eco-friendly carpets are made from natural, renewable fibers, such as wool, seagrass, jute and organic cotton.

Did You Know?

Carpet’s Surprising Impact on the Environment

Carpet has the fourth largest greenhouse gas footprint of any product waste in California and currently, less than 50 percent of it is recycled in the southern part of the state.