Broken Glass

Burbank Recycle Center Drop-Off

Jars and bottles only.

No drinking glasses, ceramics, dishes, mirrors, window glass, or light bulbs. Wrap these in paper and place them in the trash.


Drop Off Is Best: While beverage and jar glass and broken glass is allowed in the curbside cart, the best way to recycle it is by dropping of at the Burbank Recycle Center.

To maintain optimal commodity value, glass is sold by color and drop off allows the colors from getting mixed when it breaks. (Mixed broken glass is recycled but is very low value.)

Mixed glass shards from the co-mingled curbside cart also contaminates other commodities like paper bales and can injure recycling workers.


Do Not Recycle Broken Drink Glasses & Pyrex

Broken stemware, other drink glasses, porcelain, and Pyrex cannot be recycled. These types of glass are made from mixed materials that will contaminate the glass recycling process for bottles and jars.


Broken Bulbs Sometimes HHW

Depending on the type of bulb, you may need to dispose of it as Household Hazardous Waste. Find out what to do with broken bulbs.