Illegal in Garbage & Drains
Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Special Instructions

S.A.F.E. Collection Center Drop-Off Instructions (for the most up to date instructions, always check first–call 1-800-773-2489)

Asbestos (friable) must be abated by professionals.  To prepare for disposal drop off: 

  • Wetted (to contain)
  • Double bagged (or a bag 6 ml thick or greater) in plastic bags, sealed with duct tape
  • Bag clearly-labeled “Contains Asbestos Material”
  • Must be less than 3 ft. in length.
  • 50 lb limit per bag; 120 lbs per drop off
  • For small business industrial waste, call 213-485-3764 (Los Angeles businesess only). 



Harmful When It's Worn Down

Damaged asbestos may release harmful fibers. If the asbestos fibers are torn or have abrasions or water damage, call a professional to remove the material. Find out how to stay safe.

Let Professionals Remove It

Don’t disturb or attempt to remove asbestos on your own. Allow only a trained and accredited asbestos professional to remove them. For more information on how to handle or dispose asbestos properly, visit

Keep Children Away

Avoid spending time in a room that contains damaged asbestos. Clear children and pets from the room to keep them safe from asbestos fibers.